The Circle

Right now you can get The Circle by Mario Escabar for free on  Just go to the link here and enter the gift code PBZ22LYW to download your copy. Offer is limited to the first 120 readers.


The plot of the novel The Circle: 

The famous psychiatrist Solomon Lewin has left his humanitarian work in India to serve as the chief psychiatrist at the Center for Psychological Illness located in London’s Square Mile financial district. Though well paid, the job is monotonous, and Solomon is also going through a rough patch in his marriage with Margaret. He begins scrutinizing the more mysterious cases of the center’s long-term residents hoping to find something worth his time. When he comes across the chart of Maryam Batool, a young broker from London who has lived in the center for seven years, his life will change forever. 
Maryam Batool is an orphan from Pakistan who became one of the most promising female employees of the financial institution General Society, but in the summer of 2007, at the start of the financial crisis, the young broker loses her mind and tries to kill herself. Since then she has been stuck, able only to draw circles yet unable to understand their meaning. 
A snow storm looms over the city at the start of the Christmas holidays. Before Christmas Eve dinner, Solomon receives an urgent call from the center to come at once: Maryam has attacked a nurse and seems to be awakening from her long stupor. 
Solomon heads downtown in the snow, clueless that this will be the most difficult night of his life. The psychiatrist does not trust his patient, the police are after them, and his family seems to be in danger. The only way to protect himself and those he loves is to discover what “The Circle” is and why everyone seems to want his patient dead. It’s a surprise ending and a mystery you won’t believe.

Sweet Rachel Available Soon

Sweet Rachel

My new short story, Sweet Rachel should be available in about 24 hours.

Deb goes to sleep in t

he living room after listening to her husband snore all night when she hears something crash into the front door. What she discovers is a beautiful angel – or is it?

As usual, this story has a little twist. This one isn’t really adult themed. You’ll find some violence and one single F word – that’s it.

I will post an update once it publishes.

A Little Twisted – A horror anthology of short tales with a twist


The new horror anthology is out and you can get it here on Amazon. There are five authors and quite a few short stories that have my favorite ending, a twist. I hope you’ll check it out and tell a friend. If you do grab it, please leave a review on Amazon if you don’t mind.

10 Second Delay Release

Image I have another short story released called 10 Second Delay. I hope you all check it out.

Grievance Now Available

My newest short story, Grievance is available. I have another available shortly and will post about that one too!



Game Change Now Available

My newest short story, Game ChangeImage is now available. Right now I’m working on an anthology that will include many of the other short stories and some new ones from me and others.

















Lucy found the man of her dreams and was excited to take part in his fantasies. However, what kind of plans does he have for her?

Four Horror Stories with Happy Endings

Does the self-publishing process terrify you?  You are not alone.  A simple mention of self-publishing causes veteran writers to scream in panic.  Self-publishing is notoriously costly.  The investment is also a gamble.   If the book sells well, you easily recoup the publishing costs.  However, if sales are not what you anticipate, you are in trouble. The road to publication needs not be paved with dollar bills.  By using the following five resources, your horror story has the potential to end well.   Read on if you dare!

The Dreaded Edit that Costs a Large Debit

In the world of literature, receiving the editor’s bill is like coming home to a living room drenched in blood. What happened while you were gone?  You search for a reason behind the carnage, but you find no reason.  Why does a measly hundred thousand words cost so much to edit?  The real scare is that editors are worth the money that they are paid.  Developmental editors provide feedback on characterization, plot, and authenticity.  Copy editors evaluate the grammar and mechanics.  What can you do if you cannot afford to hire a professional editor?  Seek out a service that charges one flat rate per month for proofreading services.  With Grammarly, the company where I work, you submit your document online and receive immediate feedback.  If you have friends who are critical readers, ask them to examine your manuscript to provide creative counsel.  Just make sure you choose someone honest!

The Second Scare:  The Cover

Warning:  If you get queasy easily, do not even think about how much the cover is going to cost you.  That’s right!  The picture and title on the front of your book will run from two hundred to seven hundred dollars.  It is evident why the cover is important… Have you ever seen a horror novel with a dancing cabbage and Disney font?  Probably not, and for a reason!  The fact is, the cover is often the single determining factor of whether someone will be interested in reading your novel.  You should seek a freelance cover artist.  Sometimes, and only sometimes, freelance agents will work for less.  Look for a hungry, recent college graduate who is eager to build his professional portfolio.  However, beware that you do not scrimp and save to the detriment of your novel.  You may want to invest a little money here to reap the dividends of an eye-catching book cover.

The Serial Killer Approach to Obtaining an ISBN Number

Yes, ISBNs are vicious money-sucking vampires.  We know,  and we sympathize.  However, think like a serial killer and buy ISBNs in bulk!  You will need several numbers anyway if you plan on producing an eBook or audio version of your novel.  If you are friends with other authors, form a gang!  Buy a bulk amount of ISBNs to be split among the group.

Advance Copies Are Just Gremlins

There are a lot of terrifyingly gruesome miscreants in the world of horror movies. Perhaps Gremlins scared the bejesus out of you when you were a child, but now they are not so much scary as they are amusing.  In reality, Gizmo is the creepy one.  Pardon, I digress.  The point is that advance copies (ARCs) do not need to be elaborate.   It is possible to use a simple, temporary cover on your bound galleys.  There are many companies that produce ARCs for reasonable prices.  A popular option is  Why not start by sending out PDF copies to determine interest before ordering a large amount of ARCs?

When I had a nightmare as a child, my mother sent me back to bed with the admonition to imagine a happier ending.  If the thought of self-publishing is a phantasmagoria of epic proportions, use your creativity to change the ending! Take advantage of the wealth of cost-effective options now available.

 By Nikolas Baron

Nikolas discovered his love for the written word in Elementary School, where he started spending his afternoons sprawled across the living room floor devouring one Marc Brown children’s novel after the other and writing short stories about daring pirate adventures. After acquiring some experience in various marketing, business development, and hiring roles at internet start-ups in a few different countries, he decided to re-unite his professional life with his childhood passions by joining Grammarly’s marketing team in San Francisco. He has the pleasure of being tasked with talking to writers, bloggers, teachers, and others about how they use Grammarly’s online proofreading application to improve their writing. His free time is spent biking, traveling, and reading.

New Review of Make a Wish

You can find the latest review of my short story, Make a Wish, at this link. Enjoy!

How I Answered the Challenge…by Julianne Snow

Julianne SnowWhat would one do when having the elements of their fate delivered to them by the Norns? Well, they’d write themselves a story…

Recently I took part in the Wicked Women Writers Challenge after having been dealt what I feel was a fairly rough
hand by the clever yet cheeky Norns:

  • My Apocalyptic Disaster – Super Volcano
  • My Location – A Commuter Train
  • My ‘Helpful’ Item – A Bottle of Jack Daniels
  • My Disadvantage – Being Naked

The challenge was to take the four elements and weave a story around them, all while answering the penultimate question: How Will You Survive? Trust me, it wasn’t easy…

I sat at my computer and wrote somewhere in the neighbourhood of three potential stories combining the elements in different ways before deciding upon a completely different angle to attack the challenge from. And from that point forward, there was no turning back.

To give you a quick synopsis:
“After a failed and disastrous sexual interlude on her commute home, our heroine is shocked to discover the train she’s riding upon is rushing headlong into the path of an erupting volcano. Completely naked, how will she survive when panic sets in?”
Gripping huh? That’s what I thought! It’s filled not only with elements of horror, but I’ve mixed in a good dose of comedy as well. How could I not? Facing down a super volcano while being naked bespeaks to a certain amount of needed comedic flare.

So in the end, Not All Jacks Are Created Equal is a dark comedic tale that certainly answers the questions the Norns asked. You’ll just have to read or listen to find out how our heroine survives.

Julianne Snow’s Bio:

Julianne Snow is the author of the Days with the Undead series. She writes within the realms of speculative fiction and has roots that go deep into horror. Julianne has pieces of short fiction in publications from Sirens Call Publications, Open Casket Press, James Ward Kirk Publishing and Hazardous Press as well as the forthcoming shorts in anthologies from 7DS Books, Phrenic Press, and the Coffin Hop charity anthology Death by Drive-In. Look for parts in a number of collaborative projects to be announced shortly.

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @CdnZmbiRytr
Facebook: Julianne Snow
FB Fan Page: Julianne Snow, Author
Amazon Author Page: Julianne Snow
Blogs: Days with the Undead & The FlipSide of Julianne

Rebecca Snow Interview

dawn How did you find out about the Wicked Women Writer Challenge and is it your first time participating?

Last year, I was challenged to participate by a fellow writer. I thought it might be fun, so I did. This year, I didn’t need a challenge.

Did you have any challenges writing your story once you got your challenge or did it come easy to you?

The most difficult part for me was deciding what the biological weapon would do. There were so many choices, but I had to pick one. I tried giant sand fleas in one draft, but it only made me itch.

What kind of style do you usually write?

I’ll write anything except erotic fiction. My inner twelve-year-old won’t stop giggling. Horror is my favorite. It’s a great way to release any frustrations I bottle.

Do you have anything you are working on now that we should look forward to?

I’m not sure if anyone should look forward to it, but I’ve been working on a novel that expands one of my short stories. It’s interesting seeing more of the characters than they showed me in the short.

You can find out more about Rebecca Snow at
Twitter @cemeteryflower