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I Wish I’d Written That

Have you ever read a story and thought about how you wish you’d thought of it yourself? I just read one in the book The Gate 2: 13 Tales of Isolation and Despair. The story was from Daniel Pyle and and it’s called Night Night. The ending blew me away and since I love twist endings, I wish I’d written it myself. There are also a couple of stories in there by my pals, David McAfee and David Dalglish. So I guess I’m pimping out this awesome book of short stories. Well, at least so far it’s awesome.

My point is that sometimes you think of neat things and want to write about it but there are times you read something spectacular by someone else and wish you’d written it yourself. That’s how I feel about this book. Great job Daniel and I can’t wait to read the stories by the two Davids.


Horror Writers Association

Guess who got in? Okay, so it’s not official till I pay my dues after I get the final paperwork but I was emailed today and welcomed as an affiliate member! I’m so excited. I’ll be listed as Kim Hill and my pen name of Shauna Klein so you can find me either way once everything is totally done.

I feel really good about this because you don’t just join. There is certain criteria you have to meet and then be approved to join the HWA. I may not have much out there yet but this is a great way of being involved with awesome writers that I look up to.

Once I’m up on the site and everything is totally final then I’ll provide a link but I couldn’t keep this a secret!

Censorship anyone?

It looks as if censorship is alive and well right now. Many people on Smashwords got an email about their books being banned on there or that they would need to take them down if they contained certain elements. These elements are: rape, bestiality, necrophilia, and incest. This is because PayPal decided that they did not want to be involved with these types of themes and as the payment processor for Smashwords, it was complied with.

I don’t believe in censorship. One of my short stories has very adult themes and utilizes a couple of the banned elements. Since it is free, my story remains on Smashwords and since Amazon doesn’t use PayPal, I’m fine there. However, why should I have to censor myself and what I write? Why should PayPal decide what is or isn’t reprehensible behavior in fiction? The key word here is fiction. Should we also ban books on serial killers? I mean, that is definitely an illegal act as well and just as reprehensible.

What is amusing is that my only bad review so far is from someone that read my story and thought the language and plot choice was atrocious and without conscience. However, that is someone’s opinion. I have no desire to read romance novels but does that mean they should be banned?

I feel awful for those that have had their books banned and I can only hope that they have another avenue to showcase their work such as Amazon, where there isn’t an issue about censorship at the present.

Okay, so that was a lesson to be learned

I really need some sleep but while I’m up I might as well do something constructive. I had decided to Google myself and found the other places I have my short stories listed such as iTunes, Diesel and Barnes&Noble. What I found though was a bad review on B&N.

I have my stories listed on Smashwords and on there it lists Peaceable Kingdom as an adult story. What I did not realize is that it would not list it that way on the other places it is sold. So what happened was that someone read it for free on their Nook and was offended. Offended enough to leave a one star review and say that it had atrocious language and a sadistic plot choice.

Okay, so when I wrote it I had apprehension. I mean I use the C word for Pete’s sake! However, everything is pivotal to the plot and once a few people read it and liked it, I was less worried about the extreme adult nature. Oddly, my girl friends seem to like it better than the guy friends. I have no idea why that is either. It’s definitely something to think about though.

Anyway, that brings me to another post I’ll write later about my trepidation of using such an adult theme, C word and all. For now, I have added a disclaimer to the description on Amazon and Smashwords. That should fix any stray readers that were looking for a lighthearted story about a cute little rescue pug. 🙂

Getting Started

I’ve always loved horror. From movies to books and whatever I could find, I devoured it. I have also always loved writing. Believe me, I have some horrible poetry that is horror related. Something about the hounds of hell, I kid you not. Perhaps one day I can get over my embarrassment and post them here. Then again, maybe not.

I actually got started because a friend of mine that I met via Facebook has a publishing company and had a contest for a flash fiction piece. Grave Demand Publishing ended up being the motivation that gave birth to Peaceable Kingdom.  However, I got ahead of myself and published it not realizing that they would need the publishing rights so I lost out on being a part of that. However, Vincent Daemon, a great writer, read my story and liked it so that gave me hope. Since then, I’ve asked a few awesome writers to read my story but that’s going to go in another post about me pimping my stories out.

That’s it for now, although I have plenty to say and can usually never shut up, just ask my friend Melissa about how narcissistic I can be without meaning to.

By the way, I only have two short stories out there right now and yeah, that’s nothing in the grand scheme of things but I’m proud of my two stories and while life gets in the way sometimes, I promise to write more. Honestly, I have too many crazy ideas floating in my head not to spread the joy around! (that was a joke, people)


Hello world!

Yes, I kept the “hello world” title for this post. It’s almost 4:30 am and I really need to get to bed but before I go…

….this blog will be about what it’s like to try to get known in the horror world. While I only have a couple of short stories right now I’m very proud of them. Later I’ll post where they’re at and all that cool stuff but for now I just want to get this started and take my Kindle to bed where I can read some other person’s awesome horror work.

Good night and I hope to see you all here when I can really delve into how I feel about what I’ve done, who has read it and what it’s like to try to break into a genre that has some of the best writers ever.