Making Friends

I’m trying to keep this as real as possible for those of you just like me. Maybe you have a story or two or even a book, you work a regular job and don’t have many connections, and so on. When I first got on Facebook I made friends with some of the authors I admired. Now in my opinion there are three groups of celebrities on Facebook:

  1. Those that just have a fan page. These people don’t interact much or maybe just once in a while.
  2. Those that friend you and that’s the last time you hear from them. Nothing wrong with that and at least they added you, which is pretty cool.
  3. Those that go out of their way to be as nice as possible. These people are awesome. They friend you, they talk to you and they genuinely treat you as a friend.

One of the first people I met as an author and a friend is Ray Garton. Nicest guy you’ll meet and if you love horror you should totally check out his work. We don’t always agree on everything but he has always been more than polite about it and I hope I’m allowed to call him a friend even if we’ve never met in person. Some of my other author friends I actually play games with like Words with Friends. I mean really, how cool is that?

My point is, many authors are like you and me. They’re nice, they play games, they have viewpoints you may not agree with, they have problems like you and me and they have incredible talent. I only hope that one day someone wants to add me as a friend because they loved what I wrote.


About Karsun

I’m a freelance writer, website designer and overall Jill of all trades that lives in sunny and stormy Florida. Shauna Klein is my pen name and I’m married with children that have fins, feathers and fur. I have a short story in the Cemetery Dance book In Laymon’s Terms and a blurb in the book The Ice Limit by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child. I also have short stories on Amazon that can be found by searching for Shauna Klein.

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  1. Hello neighbor. I live in Fairhope, Alabama. i really liked your post. I am a reader and reviewer enthusiast, not a writer. but I am a huge fan of authors:) Without them, no books! I noticed you said you had a blurb in Ice Limits, they are at the top of my list of favorite writers. Have to check out your blurb. So many books, may take a while to find it:)
    laura thomas

  2. Nice to meet you, Laura. 🙂 I appreciate that you liked the post and it’s great to meet new people like yourself, especially southerners.

    • We have to stick together:) Between my job and my teenage son, it seems my friends are all from my computer. I always have someone to reach out to!

  3. Another great post! I’m going to start looking for authors I love. Maybe they are there too! Everybody needs friends, right? I’m glad that you’re one of mine!

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