American Mary

As a horror writer, theramerican_mary_ver2e are times when you say to yourself, “I wish I’d written that” and with American Mary, this is one of those times.

American Mary is a horror movie but it’s so much more than that. You see, when I watch a movie, television show (especially with a reality show) or read a book, I have to bond with the characters. If I don’t care about them, I do not enjoy what I’m seeing or reading. With American Mary, I bonded instantly. I believe it is because Mary is a girl just like any one of us. She has problems paying her bills, she owns a pet bird, she has her own little quirks but she’s most importantly, normal.

It is only after certain horrifying circumstances do things start to spiral out of control yet you still want to hug her and tell her it’ll be okay even when she does the unthinkable.

This movie has all of the elements that you want in a horror film; attachment, repulsion, sadness, originality, a brilliant script, stellar acting and when all of that is combined you get a movie that you can watch over and over again.

What you may not be aware of is that the movie is by the brilliant Soska sisters of Twisted Twins Productions. Yes, this is an unbeatable horror movie written by two girls and that in itself makes this girl proud. While girls and women are moving up in the horror world, it doesn’t hurt that you get such a polished and perfect movie with American Mary, where the Soska twins also shine as actors.

I loved this film. It’s rare that I find something so original and brilliant all at the same time, something that I can’t wait to see again or tell my friends about and this movie not only achieves that but more. There are layers to this film and in its simplicity, it’s as deep as any movie you’ll find. Check it out on Amazon, you won’t be disappointed.


About Karsun

I’m a freelance writer, website designer and overall Jill of all trades that lives in sunny and stormy Florida. Shauna Klein is my pen name and I’m married with children that have fins, feathers and fur. I have a short story in the Cemetery Dance book In Laymon’s Terms and a blurb in the book The Ice Limit by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child. I also have short stories on Amazon that can be found by searching for Shauna Klein.

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  1. I am so excited to see American Mary and its wonderful to hear that as I hoped the Soska Sisters have given women a stronger more powerful voice in the world of horror!

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