Leigh M. Lane Interview

How did you find out about the Wicked Women Writer Challenge and is it your first time participating?
I learned about the challenLMLanege through Killion Slade, who was last year’s winner and this year’s hostess.  I listened to her winning podcast and loved the different voices and sound effects she used to complement her story.  That’s pretty much what sold me.

This was my first year participating, actually my first stab at a dramatic podcast, so I had to overcome a small learning curve.  The resources and tips Killion provided were very helpful.

Did you have any challenges writing your story once you got your challenge or did it come easy to you?
It came pretty easily once I’d figured out how to piece together the four parts to the challenge, a nanotech invasion taking place in a bullet train, with hand sanitizer as an unlikely tool and extreme itchiness as an untimely disability.  It was actually a pretty fun challenge.

What kind of style do you usually write? 
I tend to write with a literary slant regardless of the genre, although I do use a less assuming style with some of my horror.  I enjoy writing prose that contains more than just a story, using subtext, symbolism, and form to dig a little deeper beyond the plot.  It’s a challenging style, but one that I feel is just as rewarding.

Do you have anything you are working on now that we should look forward to?
I’m currently shopping The Private Sector, a political dystopian horror novel that prequels my dark, corporate dystopia, World-Mart.  I’d initially sent it out to beta readers with the idea in mind that I would be marketing it as sci-fi with elements of horror, but everyone who’s read it has insisted that it’s more horror with elements of sci-fi.  I have a short story in an upcoming circus sideshow-themed anthology, although the release date is still TBA, and I hope to have three or four more anthology contributions to announce soon.

Bio: Leigh M. Lane has been writing for over twenty years. She has ten published novels and twelve published short stories divided among different genre-specific pseudonyms. She is married to editor Thomas B. Lane, Jr. and currently resides in the beautiful mountains of western Montana. Her traditional Gothic horror novel, FINDING POE, was a finalist in the 2013 EPIC Awards in horror.

Her other novels include THE HIDDEN VALLEY HORROR, inspired by Barker, Bradbury, and King; WORLD-MART, a tribute to Orwell, Serling, and Vonnegut; and the allegorical tale, MYTHS OF GODS.
For more information about Leigh M. Lane and her writing, visit her website at http://www.cerebralwriter.com.  Leigh also has a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLeighMLane and Twitter account @LeighMLane.

About Karsun

I’m a freelance writer, website designer and overall Jill of all trades that lives in sunny and stormy Florida. Shauna Klein is my pen name and I’m married with children that have fins, feathers and fur. I have a short story in the Cemetery Dance book In Laymon’s Terms and a blurb in the book The Ice Limit by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child. I also have short stories on Amazon that can be found by searching for Shauna Klein.

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