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It’s Time For the Wicked Women Writers Challenge

This year, the WWW Challenge theme is How Will You Survive? I, along with 12 others was assigned an apocalyptic disaster, a location, a helpful object, and an untimely diwwwposter2013sability. Voting starts September 7th and ends October 7th. Stories will air on podcast #95 September 7th on the show. To vote, email Put “vote” in the subject line.

I got a terrorist invasion, in a greenhouse, with a skateboard and I have a migraine. It was pretty challenging but I hope you enjoy my story, Static.

You can also read along with the stories and catch words you might have missed on Be sure and listen to all 13 stories before casting your vote!

The winner will be announced on the October 19th Finale of Horror podcast show. Break a Leg, Wickeds!  The wicked entrants are listed in order of submission for their completed podcasts.



2013 Wicked Women Writer Challenge

www2013whoThis is what I’m up to soon. Listen to the short mp3 and you’ll hear all about it. 🙂 I have a terrorists, a skateboard and a migraine while in a greenhouse.

2013 Wicked Women Writer Challenge

The Red Dress

The Red Dress Cover My newest short story is out and I’m especially fond of this one for a few reasons. For one, I designed the cover myself. Now I have done a couple of my covers but nothing stands out like this one. I got permission to use the artwork and I think it fits perfectly. Another reason is that this story took more time than most. I had no idea where I wanted to take it so I just started writing and it fell together. It took a few months though, unlike many of the others. The other reason is that I put a lot into it, making sure that the initial reactions I got were taken into consideration so what you see is a second or third edition of the story. Basically, I fleshed it out more thanks to some advice. I hope you enjoy it and you can find it here.

Recommended by Amazon

I got an email with some recommendations from Amazon and my story was in there. What is neat is that it was a separate email not connected with that account. So that means perhaps other people got a similar email if they  like similar types of stories. Here’s a screen shot. Thank you, Amazon!

Weight Watcher

I have a new short story out. You can get it here on Amazon for just 99 cents. It’s called Weight Watcher and it’s not your typical horror but like the others, it does have a little something extra. I hope you enjoy it.

My 13 Word Story

The 13 word story I submitted to the fall 2012 issue of From the Depths is ready to see. This is a gorgeous magazine and you can view it for free. My story is amongst some awesome 13 word stories and for those that want more, there are tons of long stories in there that you may like. You can find it here:

What I’ve Been Up To

Other than trying to work and all that, I recently had a short, flash fiction piece accepted in the Fall 2012 issue of From the Depths from Haunted Waters Press. That is exciting and I’ll let you know when it is published. It was from a contest I entered and it is a mere 13 words long.

I am also working on a short story that I wrote recently. It needs cleaning up, a few eyes other than my own and all that but I do like it. It is called Weight Watcher and look for it to come out soon.

We Interrupt This Program

My new short story is out and you can check it out on Amazon. Keep in mind that if you have a prime membership that you can borrow it for free.  Check out We Interrupt this Program and I hope you like it. Here is the cover art.

The Lucky One Now Available

I decided to go ahead and publish The Lucky One since my other story Game Changer has been set to be published by Grave Demand Publishing. More on that later but, yay! Anyway, The Lucky One is not yet available on Amazon but should be in about 12 hours or so. Till then, I have it on Smashwords so you can get it here if you’d like. I decided to make them all $.99 because why have them free on one place and paid for on Amazon? Anyway, here is the cover art. This was done by us here at Karsun Designs. It was a photo taken by Rich and I decided to use it for the story.