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I’ve Been Robbed

Well, not robbed but stolen from. I was doing a search and found one of my copyrighted stories that I sell on Amazon on a site. Now normally I could write to the site and show them the work is copyrighted and needs to be taken down but for one, it’s a foreign site and the other reason I didn’t write them is that I cannot find the contact information. It’s similar to Pinterest but yeah, foreign. My entire story is uploaded into a pdf for anyone to read and what is ir0nic (or whatever since I always say it’s ironic and it’s not – kind of like the Alanis Morissette song) is that my copyright is still on the page.

They stole the whole thing including the wording about copyright. <sigh> I won’t say where or how I found it so no one else reads it for free but there it was/is. ūüė¶

I once had an entire blog post stolen from me. It was a post I made that happened to start trending and showed up on Google as one of the top searches. I wrote to them (they were a foreign site too) and they changed it to reflect that it was my post and linked to me. I can’t seem to do that with this site and not sure what to do. It’s late so I’ll think on it more once I have a clear, unfatigued head. ‘

Maybe I should steal their soul like I stole this meme.


Fixed Blog and New Story Idea

I fixed the weird thing that was happening with my blog where when accessed, it would open up a member’s area link. It seems I had used the URL to the site instead of my library link area. At least it’s all ready now and good to go. With that said, I have an idea for a new story. I will obviously need to flesh it out but I am liking what it will be so far. In fact, I haven’t been this excited over one of my ideas in quite some time but let’s see where it goes. The only clue I’ll give is that, oh wait…that’d ruin the ending, my clue. Okay so no hints for now but I think it’ll be liked.


I have something odd happening with WordPress. None of my posts are going to Twitter and Facebook and when I try to visit here I get a log-in screen for Horror Writers Association. I have it saved for myself so I had a few friends check the page out and one of them also got the log in screen. I’ve removed the links temporarily to see if that would fix things and it has not. Does anyone have a clue why it is doing this? Any help would be appreciated since I don’t want to start over with my posts or blog address.