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Censorship anyone?

It looks as if censorship is alive and well right now. Many people on Smashwords got an email about their books being banned on there or that they would need to take them down if they contained certain elements. These elements are: rape, bestiality, necrophilia, and incest. This is because PayPal decided that they did not want to be involved with these types of themes and as the payment processor for Smashwords, it was complied with.

I don’t believe in censorship. One of my short stories has very adult themes and utilizes a couple of the banned elements. Since it is free, my story remains on Smashwords and since Amazon doesn’t use PayPal, I’m fine there. However, why should I have to censor myself and what I write? Why should PayPal decide what is or isn’t reprehensible behavior in fiction? The key word here is fiction. Should we also ban books on serial killers? I mean, that is definitely an illegal act as well and just as reprehensible.

What is amusing is that my only bad review so far is from someone that read my story and thought the language and plot choice was atrocious and without conscience. However, that is someone’s opinion. I have no desire to read romance novels but does that mean they should be banned?

I feel awful for those that have had their books banned and I can only hope that they have another avenue to showcase their work such as Amazon, where there isn’t an issue about censorship at the present.