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I’ve Been Robbed

Well, not robbed but stolen from. I was doing a search and found one of my copyrighted stories that I sell on Amazon on a site. Now normally I could write to the site and show them the work is copyrighted and needs to be taken down but for one, it’s a foreign site and the other reason I didn’t write them is that I cannot find the contact information. It’s similar to Pinterest but yeah, foreign. My entire story is uploaded into a pdf for anyone to read and what is ir0nic (or whatever since I always say it’s ironic and it’s not – kind of like the Alanis Morissette song) is that my copyright is still on the page.

They stole the whole thing including the wording about copyright. <sigh> I won’t say where or how I found it so no one else reads it for free but there it was/is. ūüė¶

I once had an entire blog post stolen from me. It was a post I made that happened to start trending and showed up on Google as one of the top searches. I wrote to them (they were a foreign site too) and they changed it to reflect that it was my post and linked to me. I can’t seem to do that with this site and not sure what to do. It’s late so I’ll think on it more once I have a clear, unfatigued head. ‘

Maybe I should steal their soul like I stole this meme.